Witch Nose

Perfume, my beautiful wonderland and all the marvelous imagery it conjures

In the Wonderland


Délivre Moi by Libertin Louison Technique Indiscrete or a memory that is neither real nor completely imagined


As soon as a tiny drop of Délivre Moi touches my skin, it stirs forgotten sensations of pleasure mingled with sweet despair.  I travel space and time and perhaps another dimension, further deep in to the darkest corners of my twisted psyche. It starts softly, like an old creaking record playing a forgotten song of some Read More

feline self

My Feline Self or Black Oud by LM parfums


In all the world of olfactory pleasures, there is always a place for dark ones. Beautiful, twisted and filled with madness. Sweet kind of soothing darkness, dripping like a black elixir, enchanting, bewitching with it’s evil unforgiving beauty. And all you can do is only submit and enjoy that pleasant cruelty. Black Oud by Laurent Read More


Fille en aigulles by Serge Lutens


Fille en aiguilles by Serge Lutens is a very peculiar fragrance. Bearing in mind it’s playful name, referring to one of the strongest femininity symbols – heels, the most effective weapon any lady can use. The fragrance itself is much more versatile and actually evoking mostly naturesque atmosphere.


La Tulipe by Byredo or today I’m a good girl.


Maybe it’s mid-winter cold, all this snow or lack of light makes us start to dream about spring. When we all can get rid of these many layers of clothes to less feel like onions, to be able to breathe in a lung-full of fresh warming air and have one of the greatest olfactive pleasures Read More

Violet Scented Boy

The Violet Scented Boy or how much a book character can change your life


Sometimes I love to pick up children’s books to find some hidden treasures or beautiful insights. Or sometimes just for pure positive naive fun. Once raiding thrift stores I picked up Dr. Fell’s Cabinet Of Smells by Susan Gates and this bizzare olfactive journey inspired me a lot. Especially one particular character – The Violet Read More