La Tulipe by Byredo or today I’m a good girl.


Maybe it’s mid-winter cold, all this snow or lack of light makes us start to dream about spring. When we all can get rid of these many layers of clothes to less feel like onions, to be able to breathe in a lung-full of fresh warming air and have one of the greatest olfactive pleasures – smell all the blossoming trees and spring flowers. TheĀ  bewitching aromas of all things in bloom, vafting through the air in sun heated streams. This is also the time when I’m massively mocked for my peculiar sniffing behaviour. The most enchanting smell to me at that time of the year is a scent of blooming Mimose and Accacia. They do something so odd to my brain, that I start to wonder if I’m not part-bee by any mistake.

This always lead me to search for perfumes that represented florals of the spring. The closest thing to the real blossoms. I have found many, ones more convincing, others not so well, and one of the closest matches that tickled my brain with a wave of amusement was Tulipe by Byredo. A soft gentle floral that is supposed to represent the flower tulip and all the aspects of it’s royal blossom. I, myself do not perceive this perfume as an interpretation of a tulip. On the contrary, for me it evokes a strong visual persistent image of what blooming Mimose should smell like on a beautiful spring morning somewhere in Provence, France. I see a pretty lady riding a vintage bicycle through the alley of blooming trees and shrubs. She is wearing a floral silk dress trimmed with intricate and soft cotton lace. In a basket of her blue bicycle is a big bunch of yellow tulips. This unexpectedly warm early spring day makes her blush as she is rapidly racing with that soft caressing wind.

But, Byredo actually opens up with notes of freesia, rhubarb and cyclamen. Tulip is the heart and the base is enriched with touch of vetyver woods and green notes. It’s definitely a soft and gentle feminine scent. For a really feminine lady, sweet, bit shy and a bit old-fashioned . I love to wear it when I want to be a good girl, a girl that looks in your eyes and smiles. She smiles, because she knows..